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S2000 Convertible Top

These S2000 replacement tops are manufactured in the USA using the exact specifications as the OEM original parts. Windows for the S2000 are securely bonded using a revolutionary and patented robotic controlled system that solves problems inherent in silicone bonding or heat sealing methods and eliminates water leakage. Our tops are guaranteed not to fail. These are simply the best built convertible tops available.

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We stock thousands of convertible tops and headliners and can ship most items on the same day or within 24 hours. For those items that are not in stock, we can have your order custom manufactured and shipped within three (3) days.
Convertible Top FAQ
1. How can I be confident these Tops will fit my vehicle?
We pattern these convertible car tops to fit an original automobile. All patterns are test fit and modified as necessary until the pattern has been perfected. Then the pattern is digitized and computer cut for consistent quality. Each pattern is cut from a single roll of convertible topping material to ensure the grain and color match.This ensures that all of the replacement convertible tops, when installed correctly and ordered in the original material, will look exactly like the originals. And it all ensures that you get your money's worth on a brand new convertible top that fits and looks like the original.

2. Why Should I Buy a Convertible Top from Car Tops Direct?
We have decades of experience manufacturing the highest quality convertible tops and are the largest supplier to the aftermarket convertible top industry. We can answer your questions and we want you to be happy with your purchase. You will have direct access to the manufacturer, the experienced technical staff and best customer service available. We know that in order for you to come back to and recommend Car Tops Direct you need to have a great experience. We are determined to provide that great experience.

3. What Will I Need to Know Before Ordering?
  • Vehicle Information: Our store is designed to allow you to easily navigate to the correct product by Make, Model and Year

  • Color: Obviously very important for a great experience. In the product listings, we will tell you which materials and colors were original to the vehicle. You may also call and talk to our customer service representatives toll free at 888-254-7679.

  • Material: We carry all of the factory original materials and colors and offer upgrade options to acoustically enhanced materials or lower cost options that will work just as well as the original.

  • Rear Window Type: This is usually pretty obvious, but on certain models there are options to switch from plastic to glass or vice-versa. Also certain models have options for zippered windows or if you have a two-piece Top you may have the option of just purchasing the rear window curtain section.

4. What is Included with my Convertible Top Purchase?
This depends on what you order. In general our convertible top kits will include the same items as an original top. Most convertible tops will include the sewn top fabric only. The metal frame is never included with our tops. In many vehicles, especially older American made cars, the rear window and curtain is separate from the top itself. On these cars, the rear window (also known as the rear curtain) may be ordered separately or as a complete convertible top kit. On many sports cars and smaller cars the window is sewn or sealed to the top, and in these cases the windows do attach to the top as original. Please call us toll free at 888-254-7679 for details.

5. Do Convertible Tops come with Installation Instructions?
We recommend professional installers for these products. Some models will come with downloadable PDF installation guides with tips on how to remove and install the convertible top on your own and the type of tools and supplies you will need. To help you find a qualified professional installer please use the link at to top of the page.

6. My new Convertible Top is here. Now what do I do?
If you are installing it yourself, inspect it carefully BEFORE removing your existing Top. The convertible car tops are checked for quality before shipping, but mistakes can happen. There should be no ink marks and all stitching should be tight and intact. Lay the top over your existing top; it should have the same general dimensions. Keep in mind there is a certain amount of stretching involved in the installation. If you are having it installed elsewhere, we suggest you have the installer inspect the top while you are present. If something is wrong, let the installer know they should please halt installation and inform you immediately. You can then let us know and we will quickly address any problems. Once your top is installed on the vehicle, KEEP THE TOP UP FOR AT LEAST TWO WEEKS. The convertible top needs to do some stretching and forming in certain areas.